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Augmented Reality

Boost your Business and engage your customers with AR Solutions

Tangram iDs can project your ideas onto the real world and merge the two in a seamless vision. There is no limit to what we can learn through Augmented Reality (AR), and it is more versatile than QR-Codes: we can use any real life object or scene to trigger virtual overlays on smartphones, tablets or PCs, from location based information to images, audio, videos and 3D animations.

Our creative AR solutions will help with marketing and sales or your products or services:

  • Simplify and speed up the buying process
  • Enrich product catalogs with AR content
  • Enhance your mobile presence
  • Help customers visualize products in their environment
  • Increase brand-awareness through compelling campaigns

Download and experience it on your mobile device:


Engage Your Customers


Use this tool for:

Product design demonstrations and finish options
Architectural building design views
Product functionality
Engineering demonstrations

Who Uses This tool:

Product Designers & Manufacturers


Engage Your Customers