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NOAH ( New Orleans Archology Habitat)

New Orleans Arcology Habitat (NOAH) is a proposed urban Arcology (architecture and ecology) project, whose philosophic underpinnings rest in combining large-scale sustainability with concentrated urban structures, and in this case a floating city.

Tangram 3DS worked with E. Kevin Schopfer to visualize this unique concept and structure. Starting from basic sketches, Tangram 3DS transformed Schopfer's ideas into visuals and an animation. Our work has helped Kevin convey his concept to the City of New Orleans, investors, the media, and the public. The ability to visualize a design project in 3D and through animation is absolutely vital when attempting to sell a desig concept that may at first glance be hard to grasp.

As depicted in the 3D renderings by Tangram, given the design's massive scale -- nearly 1,200 feet tall with a footprint of nearly a third of a mile in diameter -- it was clear that Tangram's imagery would need to depict a significant amount of downtown New Orleans to contextualize the project. A 3D model of the downtown buildings was combined with satellite and aerial survey imagery to build a highly-detailed context model in which NOAH could be placed. This allowed Tangram to create a wide range of imagery, including aerials that covered dozens of city blocks, which effectively communicated the ambitious scale of the NOAH project.

The design calls for a dramatic addition to the current city development process and clarifies NOAH as a robust demonstration project for not only New Orleans, but for all coastal urban locations

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